• Revolutionary new air purifier concept allows the Personal Breeze to filter significantly more air than other products on the market, providing a competitive edge.
  • Patented J-shaped filter allows for a smaller unit with improved filtering capability providing a cleaner air stream.
  • Embedded cross-flow fan makes the Personal Breeze quieter and more compact.
  • Design can be built in a wide range of sizes, allowing a full product line.
  • The Personal Breeze is simple and inexpensive to manufacture.
  • Shown to be 60% more effective than leading brand tower air purifiers: higher flow rate, better filtration, decreased power consumption and noise.
  • Tested and validated in the environmental test chambers at the Syracuse Center of Excellence and Syracuse University.
Product development was funded by the Syracuse Center of Excellence and US Environmental Protection Agency. Basic research was done in collaboration with indoor air quality experts at Syracuse University. US Patent # 7,892,306.

Brand-X Patented J-shaped filter provides large increase in number of pleats and filter surface area.
J-Shaped Filter Video
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