How it Works
Allergens and other contaminants in public places cause discomfort for many people. It is well established that poor quality of breathed air results in reduced productivity at work. Air quality is poor on airplanes, and travelers are often exposed to diseases from other passengers. Mold and toxins from cleaning products found in schools often cause problems with children, resulting in unhealthy learning environments due to heightened allergic sensitivity. And in hospitals, airborne diseases can cause patients to develop secondary infections like tuberculosis, varicella, and rubeola.

With the problem of poor indoor air quality at an epidemic level, to the point that there is now such a thing as "Sick Building Syndrome", and with people spending the vast majority of their time inside, it is essential that solutions are found to meet the needs of the millions of people who suffer due to transmitted disease and allergic reactions to airborne pollutants.

Since a person's skin temperature is higher than the surrounding room, the air near their body tends to rise, creating a stable vertical airstream around the person called a thermal plume. Due to this flow pattern, the air that a seated person typically breathes comes from his or her lap and feet, not from directly in front or to the side of the person. Because of this, general room air purifiers, which consume 200 Watts of power or more, often do not adequately clear the air that a person actually breathes, since this air originates at the floor, where pollutants are often concentrated. Also, for large rooms, such as open floor-plan offices and cubicles, room air purifiers are often too noisy and completely ineffective due to the large air volume.
Computer simulation of the airflow around a
seated person working at a laptop computer.

Personal Breeze air purifier attached to office desk and computer simulation of the airflow around a seated person with the purifier turned on. The red lines show the contaminated air ingested into the purifier, while the blue lines show the filtered air leaving the device.
By attaching the Personal Breeze air purifier to the front of the desk, the person now enjoys a light, refreshing breeze of filtered air. Instead of allowing contaminants to flow freely up to the breathing zone, the airstream is interrupted, filtered, and then reinjected back into the natural thermal plume. This type of personal air purification results in the targeted delivery of filtered air to the user at a fraction the power consumption and noise of other methods.
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