Extensive testing was performed at the world-class facilities of the Building Energy and Environmental Systems Laboratory at Syracuse University under the direction of Professor Jensen Zhang, a leading expert in the field of indoor air quality. Testing was performed with the Personal Breeze air purifier device mounted to a desk in front of a thermal manikin. Data was collected with the purifier turned on both directly at the outlet of the device, as well as with a sampling port located near the mouth of the manikin. The efficiency of the air purifier to remove unwanted particulates from the air was calculated by comparing the particle density values at these locations with the ambient levels in the test chamber. As expected, the efficiency dropped as the air traveled from the PAV outlet up to the breathing zone due to mixing. However, for particles greater than 0.3 micrometer (approximately the size of the smallest bacteria), the data showed that the exposure rate was consistently reduced by 40-50%. For larger particles (for example, dust, pollen, mold, etc.), the filters were shown to eliminate an even greater percentage of the contaminants.

Instrumented testing of the Personal Breeze air purifier in the BEES Lab testing facility.

Extensive testing of custom filters led to the development of several patent pending filter technologies.
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